More Love Fun

We have continued to enjoy our month of love here. We wrote notes on cut out white hearts on Wednesday and Thursday and taped them up on the wall in the playroom. After dinner on Thursday we took turns picking two off of the wall that were someone besides ourselves and reading them all aloud. All sweet little notes again. The favorites of the night were:

Scott, Thank you for brushing my hair today. Love, Mommy

Mommy, You’re so pretty! Love, Abby (Almost everyday Abby comes up to me and says this. It’s so sincere and cute. It’s enough to make my day everyday.)

On Friday, Austin and Brianna had their friends the Johnson’s over to play for a late night and the girls made up a Valentine's party. They played stick the arrow on the heart, and Red, Red, Pink. (Duck,duck,goose.) The boys were good sports to play, especially when they found out that treats were involved-Cinnamon rolls and Scotcharoos.

Tonight we played Valentine Hearts Relay Race. We used these little adhesive backed glittery foam hearts and playing cards that I made up on the computer. We stuck all the hearts on the wall, and then had two people sit at the coffee table. When we said, “Go” those two people would race to the wall and find the same color as on their card. The first to get their card filled would win. Erika and Brooke raced and both matched up their hearts super fast. Abby raced against daddy who played Scotty’s card who was already in bed. Daddy raced on his knees to even the race, but Abby still won. We made Austin and Brianna’s race harder by having them run around through the kitchen one time between hearts. We are  loving all the fun around here this month!

Valentine Heart Relay Race blog

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Lisa said...

I am jealous of all your Valentine fun... this Feb was just too crazy for us. Maybe next year!