Hotel Starbuck

A fancy vacation wouldn’t be complete without a stay in a luxurious hotel, and our staycation came complete with a stay at the Hotel Starbuck.

Scott was still sick, so I stayed home with him from church, and we helped get our hotel all ready for our guests when they returned. Our hotel offered four different sized suites- a community bathroom, a cafe, daytime activities, room service, a DVD player, and an in room phone. Rooms come with  daily maid service, personal wash clothes and lotions, soft robes, and a sweet chocolate on the pillow to brighter your day.

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Austin suggested a nice addition to our bathroom-a FREE or IN USE  sign. When you have 9 kids to use one bathroom it was a very clever idea. Unfortunately, a lot of those 9 can’t read so the sign didn’t get used as much as it should have. Still cute and fun though.

One of the best parts about staying in a hotel is the room service and daily breakfasts served there. They enjoyed popcorn with their in room movie as well as got to pick a special breakfast on Monday morning.

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We NEVER buy the small little boxes of cereal and so this was definitely part of the luxuriousness of this hotel. The kids were so excited. Emily Johnson was so cute. When I told her that she could have her own little box of  cereal, she went around telling everyone else about it too. “No, I mean we actually get our own box of those little cereals!” So much fun! And so easy for the hotel management who also likes to have a day to sleep in. We set the table  the night before and let them eat at their own leisure the next morning.

The little door hangers were easy to make. I typed them up and added a clipart Eiffel tower as a watermark behind it. Then I just printed them out, cut them apart, punched a whole with a large circle punch (1-1/2inch)  in the top, and then cut a slit. So easy, and so much fun. We hung them on their doors and then before they went to bed they hung them back out with their choices on them. We set the table, put their door hanger by their bowls, and viola-breakfast is served!

I was going to insert an attachment for the door hanger for anyone who wants to download it, but I can’t figure out how. If anyone  knows how, I would love to know!

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Libby said...

We love the little cereals, too. Just for special occasions. :)