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After our first day of utilizing our new little mailbox, it was packed full of sweet love notes for the family. Everyone went out of their way to drop a note in to tell someone else in the family how special they were. Before family prayer tonight we sorted out notes, and then read them starting from the youngest to the oldest. It was a touching experience for a mother to witness the love that her children have and express towards one another. They loved to hear what things others thought about them. Some of the notes people signed and some they didn’t. We would sometimes try to guess who wrote it. Brooke was probably the most excited to have people read the ones she wrote.  If someone started reading one from her she would instantly start giggling uncontrollably. She was giddy with love. Here are just a few of the notes we got today:

Scott, I love that you are so cute and make me feel happy inside. You are so loving.-Brianna

Scott, “Good Job Bubba!”-Daddy

Abby, Abby is fun to play with and she likes to play with me. –Erika

Abby, I like it when you are always willing to give me kisses.-Austin

Erika, Thank you Erika for playing doll’s with me and playing outside with me. -Brooke

Erika, You run out and meet me when I come home from work. I love your excitement for school. -Daddy

Brooke, I like it when you encourage and ask me if I got my book to read. -Austin

Brooke, I love you so much because you are so patient and you let me do school with you.  -Brianna

Austin, Thank you Austin for playing with me outside and letting me ride on your motor scooter.-Brooke

Austin, Thank you for letting me see all your secret hide outs. It means a lot to me when I am excepted in your secrets.-Brianna

Brianna, I love driving you to school, talking with you, and having an “I love you wave “ good-bye.-Daddy

Brianna, I like it when you want to show me stuff on the computer.-Austin

Mom,Thank you mom for makeing my bed sometime and wash my closth.-Brooke

Mom, I am so greatful that you take your time to do so many things for me.-Brianna

Dad, I love you so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so much. I like it when you are willing to do stuff with me outside.-Austin

Dad, Thank you dad for makeing up good game’s and helping me do my homework and reading stored for bedtime.-Brooke

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