Snow Day

February Snow Day black and white blog

Snow for our Valentine’s Day weekend was an unexpected surprise and joy for the kids. Snow in the south I would say is not common, but now I have a two year record going, so I may have to rethink my theory. The kids were excited for the 3-5inch prediction of snow, and were giving minute by minute plays as to how good the snow was sticking to the ground. I loved watching the big snowflakes fall…from the warmth of my home of course, but the kids and Aaron ventured out side for a little winter fun. They convinced me after much persuasion to come out into the carport to take a picture of them out in the snow.

Snow day family pic blog

My backdoor looks like this now, and this is why I am remembering that I love the south. I can deal with the mud, the dripping boots, the coats hanging on every chair to dry, the hats, gloves, and socks littering my floor- for a day. I am happy to report that sunny skies are in the forecast for tomorrow, and life in the south will be back as it should be-snow free.

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Lisa said...

I'm glad you went out there and took the picture... it's perfect.