Valentine’s Day Staycation in Paris

To keep with our Month of Love theme, it seemed natural that our staycation this year should take place in none other than the city of love-Paris, France. We were so excited to have some guests along for the trip this year, the Johnson’s got to stay at our house for the weekend while their parents were out of town, and it rang true to the old adage, “the more the merrier.” I love all their sleepy little faces. Proof that the real vacation had started the day before. There had already been plenty of treats,  games, outside play, scooter riding, wii playing, late night giggling, and movies to last for the whole weekend.

Valentine's Day breakfast blog

We kicked off with our trip with our traditional Valentine’s Day breakfast. Our special LOVE menu included:

  • Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Double Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Strawberries
  • Strawberry Banana Yogurt
  • Milk and Orange Juice to drink

I had fun again this year decorating the table with flowers for each of the kids, red confetti, treat bags for everyone, and gifts at each plate. Aaron added the crowning touch with a vase full of my favorite flowers, and Brianna made little Valentine’s cards for everyone place. Our treat bags had Valentine’s Pez dispensers, candy hearts, chocolates, red fruit roll ups, and a special favorite treat for each person.

  • Daddy-Snickers
  • Mommy-Toberone bar
  • Brianna-Twix
  • Ryan-Skittles
  • Austin-Snickers
  • Katie-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Emily-Kit Kat
  • Brooke-M&M’s
  • Erika-Starburst
  • Abby-Starburst
  • Scott-Gerber Yogurt bites

Treat bags blog

Starting last year for Valentine’s Day we got the kids each a book for their present. Erika was so excited this year and was telling me for weeks that she couldn’t wait for the special day to come. With a little research I discovered that she was excited for the treat bags and her book. I informed her that maybe she wouldn’t get a book this year, “We have to, it’s a tradition!” So now, I guess it’s a tradition that the kids get a new book for Valentine’s day. Scott and the four younger girls each got books, and the older kids all got movie passes to the movie theater.

Flowers blog

Aaron gave me 20 beautiful red tulips and a handmade card. He almost always makes me a card and I love it!

Flowers from Aaron blog

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